LIU meets the needs of its students with a wide range of books at the LIU library. All academic books can be found along with reference books and volumes of all textbooks.  Students can borrow a maximum number of 2 books at a time by presenting his or her ID. Each book should be returned within 2 weeks of the date borrowing date. If the borrowed book(s) have not been returned by the borrowing deadline, a blockage will appear on the student’s system or in the case of an instructor; the librarian will refer to the instructor’s department. All books at the LIU library are updated on a semester per semester basis. Integral to library services is the provision of reference and research assistance, available most hours the library is open. The LIU library within the limits of its resources and  primary commitment constantly works  to select, maintain, enhance, promote, and make accessible the information, material, and research resources necessary to support the  LIU mission in teaching, cultural diversity, public service, and lifelong learning, and to serve the requirements of students and faculty members.




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