LIU President’s Message

The Lebanese International University was established in 2001 under the name of Bekaa University. The University is recognized by the Lebanese State as a private higher education institution in Lebanon. The university’s name was renamed the “Lebanese International University” on June 14, 2005.

In our educational programs and practices, we care for our students to develop the knowledge and ways of thinking that can result in their leading lives that are personally fulfilling, professionally engaging, and ethically and socially responsible. As the fastest growing university in Lebanon, LIU has taken a national leadership role in providing quality education to its students. I encourage you to explore the exciting opportunities that LIU has to offer its students. I hope you will share the excitement and pride of the dedicated people at this university who strive to help our students achieve their professional dreams.

Abdul Rahim Mourad


LIU Yemen President’s Message

Welcome to LIU-Yemen, a place where we believe that together, we can accomplish a better future. We invite you to explore the diverse and prominent community of students,staff,faculty,and administrators that make up what LIU truly is.

With the slogan, “Education for All” which has been endorsed since inception and through the triad of quality education, affordability, and accessibility, LIU is a career-oriented institution whose overarching purpose is to democratize and empower learners in higher education.

In 2006, the LIU Yemen campus was established. The establishment of LIU in Yemen represents an important occasion for private high education community in Yemen. Therefore, LIU in Yemen is regarded as a significant added value to existing private universities At the center of any solid teaching university are its faculty, its courses of study and its student body.

The LIU-Yemen faculty represent four schools of the University: the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, the School of Engineering and Information Technology, the School of Business, and the School of Arts and Sciences.

Rida Hazimi
LIU-Yemen President




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