The Lebanese International University (LIU) was first founded as the Bekaa University under Presidential Decree No. 5294 in April 2001, with its first two campuses in Al-Khyara, in the western Bekaa valley and the capital Beirut. The name was later changed to the Lebanese International University (LIU), for the founders had a vision of making the university a true national university with a presence in all  six administrative district  which so comprise Lebanon.  As career-oriented institution with the mission of creating access to higher education for first generation students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to join the professional workforce. With a commitment to democratize higher education and empowerment, the university since 2003 and until 2011 established six additional campuses in: Nabatieh, Tripoli, Mount Lebanon, Sour, and Rayak.

           As it has since its beginning LIU is also elevating the university’s regional and international prominence as extensive development and significant academic achievements took place under the leadership of Mr. Abdul Rahim Mourad, founder President since 2001 to present. Undergirded by its own institutional mission of taking the university to where the needs are. As a mark of this success, LIU went beyond Lebanon and since 2006 has further established four campuses in Yemen (Sanaa, Aden, Taiz and Mukalla); one in Mauritania and Senegal. In continuity with its tradition and history the university will continue to be a pioneering institution notable for its innovative and creative response to the changes in educational needs be it in Lebanon,  in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Arab World, Africa and beyond.

          LIU bases its academics on an American academic system. Currently, each curriculum is based on a certain number of credit-hours. Due to the LIU system procedure the Lebanese International University (LIU) has been able to collaborate with other universities around the world to create a transfer system; these universities are Ohio University, Montana State University, Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuania, Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany, The Euro-Mediterranean University, Slovenia, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, and RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany.



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