LIU Yemen Objectives

To meet our Excellence Standards “an acronym that stands for”:

E. Empower students to develop awareness and engagement in cultural and environmental sustainability.

X. Expand, develop, retain, and promote an excellent and diverse faculty.

E. Enable dynamic interplay of teaching and research.

L. Learn how to leverage and apply innovative technologies, tools and methods to enable active learning.

L. Level up alumni engagement that stimulates and empower LIU’s graduates to foster a significant difference in the job market.

E. Endeavor to align LIU’s values and commitments to student support and communication.

N. Nurture knowledge, multidisciplinary skills and values necessary to compete in a knowledge-based society.

C. Construct LIU’s students’ behavior to be responsible citizens and life-long self-actuated learners.

E. Expand diverse learning experiences and skills in the university environment.



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