Below are lists of frequently asked question about LIU.
If your question is not listed below, please send us an email at info@ye.liu.edu.lb for a prompt response.

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How can I contact the Office of Admissions staff?

Where can I get dates of when the term starts, when there are holidays and other related dates for registration...?

You can view the online academic calendar from the link below.
>> Click here

How can I apply to LIU?

You can apply to LIU by filling out an online forum at www.liuyemen.info.
You will then have to pass by the admissions office to set an exam date.
Please bring with you the below papers.

For a normal new student:

  1. Yemeni Ministry High School Certificate or it's equivalence
  2. 1 personal statement
  3. 4 passport sized pictures
  4. Personal ID or Passport Copy, if applicable

For a transfer student:

  1. Official transcript certified from the Ministry of Higher Education with course description
  2. Yemeni Ministry Hi-School Certificate or it's equivalence
  3. 1 personal statement
  4. 4 passport sized pictures
  5. Personal ID/ Passport Copy, if applicable

For master's student:

  1. Official transcript
  2. Copy of official transcript certified
  3. Copy of official transcript equivalence

What does LIU offer (majors and programs)?

What are the available student clubs and sports clubs?

Do you help students find jobs while studying and after graduating?

LIU has an alumni association where all students can apply for job vacancies.
Your CV can be uploaded on the student system or you can send it to careers@ye.liu.edu.lb

How do I register my courses online?

Please view the tutorial link below.
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What are LIU official publications?

The Scope is LIU's official publication. Take a look at it on the official page.
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Do you have more questions?

Send your question to info@ye.liu.edu.lb

What is the system of education at LIU?

The LIU educational system is based on an American credit-hour curriculum.

Where are the LIU campuses and how can I contact them?



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