The Lebanese International University can enrich your life. If you are seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth with a supportive community and working environment, then please contact us. We will together shape the minds of the young and help each and every student one by one reach his or her ambitions.

           The Lebanese international university firmly emphasizes the diversity of the University internationally. We focus on our culture, strength, knowledge, students and employees to diversify our University. We welcome those who would like to contribute to the further diversification of our University.

           We also have job opportunities for our current students and alumni students. We at LIU emphasize our students be placed at the best job opportunities we have to offer. Current students can work and go to classes at the same time while being able to financially handle the tuition. Students who have graduated are also taken care of. When each student graduates their information is record and can be informed of the current job opportunities available.



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