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            The School of Pharmacy, School of Business, School of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering, and School of Education are the available degrees offered at the Lebanese International University (LIU). Each school has a different academic procedure to fit each school. Also found at LIU is the

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The School of Arts & Sciences

            The programs offered by the School of Arts & Sciences at the Lebanese International University enable the students to develop expertise in its major areas of: Fine Arts & Design, Communication Arts, Biological, Physical and Basic Sciences. The faculty offers various courses of study at the undergraduate and graduate level. The programs of study are dynamic in order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology. The qualified and experienced school members are dedicated to providing theoretical as well as practical knowledge of high standard in a stimulating atmosphere. Students in this school are encouraged to explore a wide area of academic interests and to acquire varied research abilities.

Programs of Study
            The School of Arts & Sciences includes the following different Majors:

Biological Sciences Computer Science & IT Fine Arts & Design
Biomedical Science Computer Science Graphic Design
- Information Technology Interior Design

Degrees Offered
            The School of Arts & Sciences offers programs leading to the Bachelor Degrees in all major areas listed above.

Admission Requirements

           Applicants must pass the Yemeni high school degree or its equivalence as specified by the Yemeni Ministry of Education. They are required to sit for various placement tests (undergraduate ) in addition to the University English Placement Test or the International TOEFL.
For more details, or for any other inquiries: info@lye.liu.edu.lb


The School of Business

            The course of study in the School of Business is designed to prepare students to serve effectively in management positions, and to provide a foundation that will enable them to assume higher levels of responsibility as they gain experience and demonstrate ability. Because the School of Business trains students on the fundamentals of business, it provides an excellent steppingstone to a specialized Business Degree Program, once a student chooses a professional path. Students are offered an ambitious, yet nurturing environment that prepares them for well-rounded, meaningful lives, as well as long-term success in their careers in the future.

Programs of Study

            The School of Business offers the following licensed different Departments/Majors/Concentrations:
>> Undergraduate
>> Graduate

Degrees Offered

           The School of Business grants Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees in all the programs of studies listed above. In addition, the School of Business grants Master of Business Administration (MBA), in Management (MBA in Management) and Finance (MBA in Finance).

Student must successfully complete 129 credit hours (4-year program) for the Bachelor's Degree, and additional 39 credits hours (2-year program) for a Master's Degree.

Graduation Requirements

        In the Bachelor of Business programs, students must successfully complete a minimum of 129 credit hours, as indicated below:

  1. A minimum of 36 credit hours of General Education Required courses.
  2. A minimum of 48 credit hours of Core Business Required courses (Minimum 40% of total credit hours requirements) with a minimum GPA of 2.00
  3. A minimum of 30 credit hours of Major Required courses (minimum 25% of total credit hours requirements) with a minimum of 2.00 in both the Major GPA and the Cumulative GPA.

In the Master's Degree of Business Administration programs, students holding a Bachelor degree in Business Administration related majors must successfully complete 39 credit hours (500 or above Business courses) as indicated below:

  1. A minimum of 21 credit hours of Core Required courses
  2. A minimum of 12 credit hours of Major Required courses
  3. A minimum of 6 credit hours of Major Elective courses

For more details, or for any other inquiries: sob@ye.liu.edu.lb



The School of Engineering

Degrees Offered

          The School of Engineering comprises five departments that provide various programs.

The School includes the departments of  
Computer & Communications Engineering (CCE)
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)
Electronics / Emphasis on Biomedical Engineering (BENG)
Mechanical (ME)  
Surveying (SURV)  

          Degrees are offered at various undergraduate levels. In general, emphasis is placed on training in the fundamental principles that equip engineers to deal competently with the manifold problems they will meet in the practice of their professions.

Schools Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Program

         Application for admission must be made before the end of September each year. Applicants may be assessed and selected at any time of the year based upon their High School grades (percentage), Yemeni System, examination results and/or based on their Grade 12, American System, examination results, and/or their International High School examination results. The admission to School of Engineering is subjected to the following conditions.

Transfer Students

Undergraduate Students:

         Students who wish to continue their bachelor's degrees at the Lebanese International University are welcomed into the various programs provided that the acceptance is subjected to the followings:

An application must be submitted to the admission office, at least one week prior to starting the semester and at most at the last day of the first week of the semester.
Admission office opens a file which must include:
An official transcript, along with the Yemeni High School or it's equivalence
Legal Identification
    Admission office sends file to the School of Engineering along with the English Examination result. The file will be studied and returned to the registrar with either acceptance or rejection letter within 72 hours. A designated registrar officer sends this file to the school.
    School will return the file to registrar officer with the recommendations. The officer will be fully responsible issuing an ID for the student along with the pertinent curriculum, and entering all transferred courses along with all remedial requirements if any. Furthermore, the registrar officer and upon performing all the recommendations will open a file which includes the curriculum along with the acceptance letter. This file will be sent to school immediately.

Course Transfer Criteria

         Courses taken at universities and institutions accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education can, in principle, be accredited by LIU. Course transfer criteria adapted by the School of Engineering are as follows:

          Transfer of undergraduate credits from other institutions to LIU should not exceed 49 % of total required credits, and not more than 50 % of the major courses; the remaining 51 % of credits must be taken at LIU.
          Description of courses taken at other universities is needed to determine whether a course is transferable or not. This is necessary because course codes and titles can be misleading.
          Transfer of credits can be accepted only by Dean/Chair, provided courses were taken at an accredited university/institution and it is a straightforward transfer, that is, no course can be accepted for another course.
           A candidate who earned a Bachelor degree in computer or communication in science can be accepted in an engineering bachelor program. The maximum number of credits that can be transferred is sixty-four.  Furthermore, the same rules apply for candidates holding Diploma in Engineering or Sciences after High School.

School Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate Program

            A graduate student can only graduate upon the fulfillment of fifty two credits besides having a major and cumulative GPA of two (70 %) and higher.
For more details, or for any other inquiries: seg@ye.liu.edu.lb


The School of Pharmacy

Program of Study

        The program includes the following courses:

Pharmacy courses  
Introduction to drug information
Pharmacy Practice
History and Ethics
Pharmaceutical Calculations  
Pharmaceutical Analysis  
Medicinal Chemistry  
Pharmacy Practice (patient assessment and drug dispensing)  
Pharmacy Management and Marketing  
Pharmacokinetics & Biopharmaceutics  
Pharmacy Seminar  
Pharmacy Practice Experience  
Professional Communication  
Non-prescription Drugs  
Pharmacy law  
Biology courses  
General biology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Biochemistry  
Chemistry courses  
General chemistry
Basic and Functional Group Organic Chemistry
Quantitative Analysis
Other Courses  
Social Sciences


Degrees Offered

        The School of Pharmacy at the Lebanese International University offers two degrees, Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) and Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD).
BPharm is a five-year program (179 credits)(undergraduate pharmacy table) allowing graduates to practice the pharmaceutical profession and to register in the Lebanese Order of Pharmacists.


Admission Requirements

        Applicants to the School of Pharmacy at LIU, should hold the Lebanese baccalaureate (General  Sciences or  Life  Sciences) or  its equivalent  as  specified  by   the  Lebanese  Ministry  of  Education. They are also required to complete the international TOEFL or the university English Placement Test and to pass the school entrance exams in biology and chemistry.

        For more details, or for any other inquiries, please don't hesitate to send an email to sop@ye.liu.edu.lb.






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