The Student Center

The Student Center is responsible for the overall functioning and performance of the Student Affairs Units, providing leadership and direction with respect to policies, practices, systems, and operations in students’ activities, community services, athletics, student engagement/campus life, counseling services, and educational services.

The Lebanese International University’s core purpose is to meet the students’ needs. The clubs developed on campus are made by the students for the students. Some of these clubs are:

1. Alumni Club
2. Charity Club
3. Sport Club
4. Culture Club
5. Google Developers Club
6. Photography Club
7. Pharmacy Club
8. Biomedical Science Club
9. Nutrition Club
10. Engineering Club
11. Information Technology Club
12. Business Club
13. Arts Club
14. Tutoring Club
15. Media Club
16. Training Club

Other clubs can be suggested and created to meet the interests of each and every student on campus.



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