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            LIU is anything but confined. We look beyond our classrooms, campuses, and borders to an international based community. You can find out students, faculty and staff in more than the African and the Middle Eastern continents currently. We are expanding to other continents and are currently under renovation in others. At our different campuses you will find a range of different ascents and languages at a time, with students from all around the world. LIU is committed to being an international university and aims to expand globally to spread its educational values around the globe.

            LIU is committed to internationalization. The universality of knowledge in the information age, coupled with the increasing rate of cultural exchange dictate that the international dimension of higher education must keep pace with changes occurring globally. Internationalization is therefore essential for the university to fulfill its mandate to create and share knowledge, and to provide a learning environment that prepares students, faculty, and staff to function effectively in an increasingly integrated, global environment.



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