Tuition Fees

            The tuition fees of LIU are calculated according to the number of credits with a maximum number of 18 credits per fall or spring semester and a maximum number of 8 credits for the summer semester. All additional education expenses such as, social security fees, registration fees, and books, will not be included within the credit price. LIU has the right to change its tuition fees and charges without notice. Students should pay his or her fees on time or will suffer a penalty. The payment voucher can be found on the UMS account in the payments section.




       The price list of the latest tuition fees is listed below per credit.

School Undergraduate Graduate
School of Arts & Sciences $88 -
School of Business $105 -
School of Education (TEFL) - -
School of Engineering $138 -
School of Pharmacy $170 -
Computer Science/IT $138 -






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