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A Message from the Dean

The School Arts and Sciences provides its students with an educational background that enhances critical and creative thinking, both scholarly and artistically. The pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, intellectual freedom, artistic expression, and enhancement of the cultural and spiritual lives of individuals is our first priority. This is done by encouraging analytical and creative thinking and by providing a friendly environment where students feel at ease communicating with their instructors and following their dreams.

The School of Arts and Sciences consists of two departments (Interior Design and Graphic Design). There are advisors for each program whose ultimate goal is to make sure they assist students if any help is needed. We are here to help you make the right choices in line with your future plans and ambitions. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you receive a priceless quality education while providing a rich and friendly atmosphere where the relationships you make are unforgettable. We also aim to foster and maintain quality academic programs that keep pace with growing technological advances and educational methods. In the coming years, parts of this catalogue will be updated to stay in touch with our aspirations. New majors might be opened, and other interesting and challenging courses will be offered.

Sincerely yours,

Walid Jafar, PhD.

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences


SAS Vision

To become one of the leading academic schools in the Arab world to graduate distinguished and progressive artists and designers for our local and international communities.

SAS Mission

To develop dedicated and outstanding professional artistic designers in the fields of graphic and interior design and commit to contributing to the development of society in line with the values, heritage, and culture of the Arab and Yemeni community.

SAS Objectives

1. To provide students with professional courses of study that strive to meet the highest academic standards for design education.

2. To bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing a range of opportunities to interact with professionals in interior design and allied fields.

3. To develop high ethical values regarding the profession, cultural diversity, and environmental considerations.

4. To enhance communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

5. To maintain an effective partnership with local and global communities.

6. To inspire the faculty to create a distinctive learning and research environment.

Programs of Study

The School of Arts and Sciences offers programs leading to the degrees in all major areas listed below.

Program Type Program Title Credits
Undergraduate Interior Design 129
Undergraduate Graphic Design 129

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Interior Design


To offer high-quality arts and design education, innovative research, and creative sustainable solutions for community needs.


1.Providing students with all basic scientific, engineering and design knowledge.
2.Developing students' innovative and creative design skills.
3.To prepare outstanding and qualified designers to meet all local and regional community needs and gain their confidence.
4.To provide distinctive professional services such as technical consultation to the public and private sectors.
5.To affirm our values and identity, by taking advantage of our culture and heritage in all our activities and protecting them for sustainable development.
6.To provide an appropriate scientific research environment that ensures the contribution of students and department members in the development of applied design knowledge and techniques related to the community.

Program Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding
A1. Demonstrate Knowledge of design theories, artistic thoughts, cultural and historical evolution of interior design concepts and practice.
A2. Interpret the basic design elements, principles, styles and colors to understand ideas, spaces, and visual graphic presentation.
A3. Identify the properties, specifications, codes of materials, lighting, furniture and systems in building industry and their influence.
A4. Recognize the importance of computer application and appropriate technical skills, tools, knowledge in interior design practice.
A5. Vision to social content issues and physical needs for sustainable green built environment solutions and their impact.

Intellectual Skills
B1. Propose original ideas, argument concepts linked to aesthetic, abstraction, functional and cultural diversity.
B2. Demonstrate the ability to analyze; with vision to problem-based research oriented problem-solving method.
B3. Engage imagination, think creatively, innovate and provide design leadership.
B4. Explore, responsive, sustainable environmental design solutions, socially collaborated with interdisciplinary perspectives.
B5. Apply affective learned space design, appropriate styles, materials, furniture selection to all design projects.

Professional and Practical Skills
C1. Produce professional spatial integrated design process practice.
C2. Prepare professional 2D and 3D drawings and designs, for interior spaces and furniture design pieces.
C3. Acquire professional technical skills applicable to produce details, working drawings and building systems.
C4. Monitor, evaluate, and assure the safety and the best selection therapy and care plan.
C5. Estimate and work out project specification, BOQ, cost, business plan, project management and provide consultancy for public and private sector’s needs.

General and Transferable Skills
D1. Critic, analyze, evaluate and judge projects and information of multiple sources and diverse perspectives.
D2. Adhere to professional ethic and Integrate business administration and human resources.
D3. Communicate and convince others logically and consciously and respond flexibly to change.
D4. Establish leadership skills and work effectively within a team.

Graphic Design



Program Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

Intellectual Skills

Professional and Practical Skills

General and Transferable Skills






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