Attendance Regulations & Make up Policy

A- Attendance Regulations
     Students are held responsible for all material presented in the classroom even during their absence. Make-up work and exams, if any, will be according to the rules spelled out in the course syllabus. In any regular semester or summer term, students may miss no more than the equivalent of five weeks (15 class hours) of instructions in any registered course and still receive credit for that course. However, instructors have the right to impose specific attendance regulations in their courses provided that the above stated limit of absences is not exceeded for any reason and the minimum number of absences allowed is no fewer than the equivalent of two weeks (6 class hours) of classroom instruction. Such specific attendance regulation should be clearly stated in the syllabus. Students who exceed the maximum allowed absences stated on the syllabus in any registered course before the withdrawal deadline will receive a grade of “AW” in that course. Instructors are required to inform their Departments/Divisions and the Student Affairs Office of any prolonged unexplained absences. The number of absences in summer modules is prorated. Any Student intentionally absenting himself/herself after the withdrawal deadline to exceed the allowed absence limit will receive a grade “F” in the course at the end of the semester.

B- Make-up Policy:
     All lost sessions are to be made up. The instructor in question is required to fill a make-up form, the time and date will be subject to the approval of the Academic Director.

C- Class Time
     In case the instructor is late, students are expected to wait fifteen minutes, before leaving the classroom and inform Student Affairs Office if chairperson or Dean is not available.




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