LIU Yemen Core Values


We act honestly, ethically, and transparently in all we do. Integrity gives us the ability to realize the greater good in our actions and programs and challenges us to stand up for what is right for ourselves and for others.


We have determination, knowledge, and a positive adaptable attitude to change, and we employ innovative practices in working together when faced with new thinking, challenges, or opportunities.


As an institution dedicated to teaching and learning, we are curious, optimistic and strive for excellence in all we do in academics, student life, and all support services, which leads to life-changing educational experiences. We work together to create thriving communities that transform the prospects of all who engage with us.


We are committed stewards of LIU, carrying the responsibility to ensure resources are allocated in accordance with the institutional mission, goals, and policy guidelines. All members of the LIU community play a role in representing the university, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and holding one another accountable for our actions The university recognizes the people of LIU as the principal enablers of the transformation from good to excellent and will create opportunities to develop and reward excellence. It has articulated the attributes for graduates and staff to align with LIU’s values and goals.

Diversity and Inclusion:

LIU is a diverse and inclusive community that fosters a welcoming climate where differences in people, diversity of ideas, expressions, and perspectives are recognized as assets. We engage in civil and respectful discourse in the pursuit of mutual understanding and intellectual growth that enriches university life.


We demonstrate collaboration by working internally and externally toward shared goals in a supportive environment that keeps students central and values the entire LIU community and the people served.


Compassion compels us to stand with and embrace others in times of personal crisis or grief, and we show empathy in our thoughts and considerations in our actions through multiple endeavors that respond to the needs of others within and beyond the university.




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